Nordic Mushrooms grow in Finland. According to the World Health Organization Finland has the cleanest air in the world, and according to UNICEF the purest water in the world. Finland is also the most forested country in Europe. Mushrooms are as healthy as the ecosystem and substrate they grow in, and that is why we believe Finland is the ultimate location to grow mushrooms.

KÄÄPÄ Biotech grows Nordic Mushrooms in the countryside at Karjalohja, a town located an hour’s drive from Helsinki. Nordic Mushrooms are grown at KÄÄPÄ Biotech’s own facility and at a supply partner’s facilities in carefully controlled and monitored growing conditions. 

Nordic Mushrooms' story starts from growing mushrooms outdoors at KÄÄPÄ Farm. Nature provides natural stress factors to mushroom growing which ensures potent mushrooms full of bioavailable compounds. We have taken all the expertise learned from our outdoor growing practices and we utilize these in our indoor growing facilities.

Each mushroom requires its own special temperature, humidity, light, oxygen and CO2 levels as well as added stress factors to yield the highest levels of the compounds of interest. By considering all these aspects in mushroom growing we can ensure that your mushroom product is always pure, potent and premium quality.

Shiitake growrooms
Lion's mane growrooms

Organic Nordic Mushrooms grow in carefully controlled and monitored conditions in Finland to ensure pure and potent mushroom extracts. 

Why Finland?

By choosing a product that is 100% of Nordic origin, you can trust that you are getting exactly what you are buying. This is unfortunately not the case in all mushroom products. 

In the mushroom industry it is a generally known concern that the quality of mushrooms does not reach the levels it should, and the origin of the majority of mushroom materials and products is China. In fact, today over 80 percent of all mushrooms are produced in China. 

Chinese mushrooms are the dirty but not so little secret of the global mushroom industry.  In many Chinese products heavy metal levels are found to be much higher than allowed. Also toxic residues and pesticides have been found in mushrooms from Chinese origin. Even ‘organic’ labeled mushrooms from China have been found to be highly contaminated. Mushrooms from China are actually in the list of foods to avoid due to high risk of contamination.  

The origin of the mushroom materials and products on the market is often not clearly specified which should lead the buyer to ask where do your mushrooms come from?